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Allen & Heath DLIVE-C3500 - Pynx Pro News

Pynx Pro Invests in Cutting-Edge Audio Mixing Console: Welcome the Allen & Heath DLIVE-C3500

Unlocking a New Era of Concert and Live Event Audio Excellence

Pynx Pro, a renowned name in the world of concert and live event production, is thrilled to announce its latest addition to the family of cutting-edge audiovisual equipment: the Allen & Heath DLIVE-C3500 mixing console. This investment marks a significant step forward in delivering unparalleled audio experiences at concerts and live events.

Allen & Heath DLIVE-C3500 in action - Pynx Pro 2503
Pynx Pro Concert Production - DLive Mixing Console at Rope Factory 2505

The Allen & Heath DLIVE-C3500: A Game-Changer in Audio Mixing

The Allen & Heath DLIVE-C3500 is not just a mixing console; it’s a revolution in audio engineering. This state-of-the-art console is designed to meet the demands of the most selective sound engineers and artists. With its remarkable features and capabilities, it’s set to elevate the audio quality of concerts and live events to new heights.

Unrivaled Flexibility: The DLIVE-C3500 offers 36 faders over six layers, providing an unprecedented level of control over your audio mix. This flexibility ensures that sound engineers can fine-tune every aspect of the audio, from vocals to instruments, for a perfect balance.

Stunning Visual Interface: The console boasts a dazzling 12-inch touchscreen that simplifies the mixing process. Engineers can easily access and manipulate audio channels, effects, and settings with intuitive precision.

Seamless Integration: The DLIVE-C3500 seamlessly integrates with other audio equipment, making it a perfect fit for complex setups at large concerts and events. It can effortlessly connect to a range of devices, ensuring a cohesive audio experience.

Unmatched Audio Quality: This mixing console is renowned for its pristine sound quality. It features 96kHz XCVI processing, which guarantees the highest level of audio fidelity for both performers and the audience.

Reliability and Durability: Built to withstand the rigours of the live event industry, the DLIVE-C3500 ensures flawless performance, show after show.

Pynx Pro Concert Production DLive Mixing Console at Rope Factory 2525
Allen & Heath DLIVE-C3500 in action - Pynx Pro 2529

Your Trusted Partner in Concert Production

At Pynx Pro, we’re committed to delivering top-notch audio experiences. Our investment in the Allen & Heath DLIVE-C3500 reaffirms our dedication to providing our clients with the best in the business. With this console, we have the capability to create rich, immersive audio environments that leave audiences spellbound.

Experience the Difference with Pynx Pro

With the Allen & Heath DLIVE-C3500 and our comprehensive audiovisual equipment lineup, Pynx Pro is ready to make your concert or live event an unforgettable audiovisual spectacle. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to ensure that every sound is perfect, every light is dazzling, and every moment is memorable.

For those looking to rent the DLIVE-C3500 or any other concert production equipment, Pynx Pro is your trusted partner. Contact us today to discuss your event needs, and let us help you create an extraordinary audiovisual experience.

A Spectrum of Audiovisual Solutions

While the DLIVE-C3500 is a remarkable addition to our inventory, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. At Pynx Pro, we offer a comprehensive range of concert production equipment, including:

●  Lighting: From vibrant stage lighting to dazzling special effects, we have it all to set the mood and enhance the visual experience.

●  Microphones: Crystal-clear audio capture is essential. We provide a variety of microphones to suit every need, from dynamic mics to wireless options.

●  Speakers: Our range of high-quality speakers ensures that every note and word is heard loud and clear.

●  Mixing Consoles for Rent: Not only do we have the DLIVE-C3500, but we also offer various other mixing consoles for rent. Whether you’re hosting a small gig or a massive concert, we have the perfect console for your needs.

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Pynx Pro has been a pioneer in the audiovisual production industry for over three decades. Our commitment to excellence, state-of-the-art equipment, and expert team have made us a leading choice for concert and live event production services. We take pride in delivering unforgettable experiences through innovation and creativity.