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Our ‘Other Rentals’ for Brantford and surrounding area include pipe and drape backdrops, podiums, and industrial cable matting. Contact us to book a rental or speak to someone if you have any questions.

Our Available Pipe and Drape Rentals

Pynx Pro AV Equipment Rentals - Pipe and Drape Rentals Brantford
Pynx Pro AV Equipment Rentals - Pipe and Drape Rentals Brantford

Pipe and Drape Backdrops

Pipe and Drape Rental
Available in Black or White
Versatile solution for your draping needs.
• Complete backdrops for any occasion

Our Available Podium Rentals

Podium Rental - Pynx Pro

Podium Stand Rental

Podium Rental
Frosted Tempered Glass
Custom insert with your logo available
No assembly required
Podium for presentations and meetings 


Our Available Industrial Cable Matting Rentals

Pynx Pro Industrial Cable Matting Rental cable mat

Industrial Cable Matting Rental

Cable Mat Rental
Help organize messy cables reduce tripping hazards and adds protection to your cables
Perfect for protecting cables at outdoor events
Reduce tripping hazards in areas with heavy traffic



Let us know in your message what rental you want
or the type of presentation, and we can make a recommendation.