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Backline Equipment Rentals

Whether you’re an event coordinator, a dedicated musician, or anyone seeking to enhance their musical journey, our backline equipment is the key to achieving extraordinary quality.

Discover our diverse equipment selection and see how we can elevate your music performance.

Our Available Guitar Amp Rentals

Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Tube Amplifier - Pynx Pro Backline Equipment Rentals
Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Tube Amplifier

Amp Rental

The Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb is a legendary tube amplifier that has been a staple in the world of music for decades. Renowned for its exceptional tone and versatility, this classic amp delivers 22 watts of pure tube-driven power through a single 12-inch speaker, making it an ideal choice for both studio recording and live performances.

One of the standout features of the ’65 Deluxe Reverb is its iconic spring reverb and tube-driven tremolo. These effects add depth and character to your sound, creating that unmistakable vintage Fender ambiance. The amp’s onboard controls allow you to fine-tune your tone with precision, from crystal-clear cleans to warm, overdriven crunch.

Our Available Bass Amp Rentals

Ampeg SVT410HLF Bass Cabinet - Pynx Pro Backline Equipment
Ampeg SVT 7 Pro Bass Head Pynx Pro Backline Equipment
Ampeg SVT410HLF Bass Cabinet
Ampeg SVT 7 Pro Bass Head

Amp Rental

The Ampeg SVT410HLF Bass Cabinet and Ampeg SVT-7 Pro Bass Head form an exceptional bass rig that promises to deliver a powerful and commanding low-end presence for any performance or recording session. The SVT410HLF is a formidable bass cabinet featuring four 10-inch custom Eminence speakers paired with a high-frequency horn for clear articulation. This 4×10 cabinet is renowned for its ability to handle high volumes with precision, making it a favorite among bassists in various genres.

Complementing the SVT410HLF is the Ampeg SVT-7 Pro Bass Head, a 1000-watt solid-state/valve hybrid amplifier head. The SVT-7 Pro combines the best of both worlds, providing the warmth and harmonics of tube-driven preamp sections with the reliability and power of solid-state technology. Its versatile EQ controls and flexible tone-shaping options make it suitable for a wide range of playing styles, from funk and rock to metal and beyond.

Together, the SVT410HLF and SVT-7 Pro create a dynamic and punchy bass rig that’s perfect for stage and studio applications.

Don’t see the brand or backline you’re looking for? Just ask! We’re always updating this list.


More Rental Options

Backline Equipment Rentals

When it comes to putting on a great live music event, there’s no room for compromise. You want your performers to shine and your sound to be nothing less than spectacular. That’s where backline equipment rentals come into play, and that’s where Pynx Pro steps in to make it happen.

Whether you need top-notch instruments, amps, or specialty gear, we’ve got you covered. Our backline equipment rentals feature high-quality gear from renowned brands, ensuring your musicians sound their best.

But it’s not just about the instruments. We know that a stellar performance demands pristine sound, and that’s why we offer comprehensive PA and PA support services. Our experienced technicians will set up, fine-tune, and manage your audio system, so your music fills the venue with crystal-clear precision.

We understand that every event is unique. That’s why we offer customizable audio-visual packages tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s a small club gig, an outdoor festival, or anything in between, we can put together an audio-visual package that will work seamlessly for your event, leaving your audience captivated and your performers in the spotlight.

So, if you’re planning a live music event and want it to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved, trust Pynx Pro for top-notch backline equipment rentals and comprehensive audio-visual solutions. We’re here to make your music sound better than ever.

The equipment you need not on our list? Please contact us to learn how we can put together an audio-visual package that will work for your event.


Let us know in your message which backline rental you want or the type of presentation, and we can make a recommendation.