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Pro-grade Speakers available to rent in Brantford and surrounding area. If you are planning an event that needs a quality sound system,  our Speaker Rentals are perfect for a variety of applications. Pynx Pro speaker rentals are available for live music, DJ events, presentations, and wherever you need to fill a room with top quality sound.

Our Available Speaker Rentals

Pynx Pro AV Equipment Rentals - Speaker Rentals Brantford

EV LiveX 12P Powered Loudspeakers

Speaker Rental
1000 Watts
Can be used for a variety of PA applications
Music or speech switch featuring equalization for music and voice uses
Includes stands

Pynx Pro AV Equipment Rentals - Speaker Rentals Brantford

EV LiveX 15P Powered Loudspeakers

Speaker Rental
1000 Watts
RCA, TRS, and XLR inputs
Two input channels with mic and line inputs and two-band EQ
Room-filling volume and lower frequencies
Includes stands

Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50 Bluetooth-Enabled Column Speaker Array w-Subwoofer - Pynx Pro Speaker Rentals

EV EVOLVE 50 Bluetooth-Enabled Column Speaker Array w/Subwoofer

Speaker Rental
Three component loudspeaker system powered by a 1000 W Class-D amplifier and driven by Electro-Voice’s QuickSmartDSP
1000 Watts
Easy setup via four presets (Music, Live, Speech, and Club)
Visual monitoring of limiter status, input level control and meters, and master volume control to ensure optimal gain


RCF Line Array HDL10 tops - Pynx Pro

RCF Line Array Speakers

RCF line array speakers are a high efficiency, high power solution for your large event

RCF Line Array Rentals

Rent a powerful line array system for your concert or large event. RCF HDL10 and RCF 8006 Line Array rentals are available for those seeking a room-filling sound ideal for large events such as corporate presentations, speeches, live music performances or DJ performances. 

RCF 8006 Sub Woofers Pynx Pro
RCF-ST12-SMA 12 inch active stage monitor - Pynx Pro Speaker Rentals

RCF – ST12-SMA 12″ Active Stage Monitor

Speaker Rental
• Speech and audio applications, covering infill or delay, production studios, presentations, and high-power music sound reinforcement with or without subwoofers
Accurate bass and precise low-frequency control suitable stage monitor/speaker for personal use and live music
Equipped with a digital amplifier, for very high output, extremely low distortion, and natural sound

RCF-ST15-SMA 15 inch active stage monitor - Pynx Pro Speaker Rentals

RCF – ST15-SMA 15″ active stage monitor

Speaker Rental
1200 Watt
Professional sound reinforcement solution
• Up to 131 dB SPL, low distortion and unmatched reliability
High powered music applications, DJ sets, and vocal reinforcement



Speaker Rental Brantford

When it comes to renting speakers, there are a few key things to consider in order to ensure that you get the right equipment for your event. The first thing to consider is the size and layout of the space where the event will be held. This will determine the number and type of speakers you need to rent. For example, if you are hosting a concert in a large outdoor venue, you will need to rent speakers that are powerful enough to reach all areas of the space. On the other hand, if you are hosting a small conference in a conference room, you will not need as many speakers or as powerful of speakers.

Another important factor to consider when renting speakers is the type of event you are hosting. Different types of events will require different types of speakers. For example, a concert will require speakers that are designed for live music, while a conference will require speakers that are designed for speech. Additionally, you will want to consider whether you need speakers for a live band, DJ or other musical performances, or for audio-visual presentations.

When it comes to specific types of speakers that are available for rental, there are a few options to consider. For example, line array speakers are often used for larger outdoor venues, while powered speakers are a good choice for smaller indoor venues. Additionally, you may want to consider renting subwoofers, which are designed to provide additional bass and low-frequency sound.

One of the best things about renting speakers is that it allows you to get the equipment you need without having to make a large investment. This is particularly useful for event organizers, who may only need speakers for a single event. Additionally, renting speakers allows you to try out different types of equipment before making a purchase, which can help you determine which type of speaker is the best fit for your specific needs.

Overall, renting speakers from Pynx Pro is a great way to get the equipment you need for your event, without having to make a large investment. We offer a wide range of speakers for rent, suitable for different types of events and spaces, and our team can help you select the best equipment for your needs. Additionally, as a leading provider of audio visual equipment rentals, Pynx Pro can help with all of your AV needs for events like conferences, live performances, and other gatherings.

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Let us know in your message that you’re looking to rent speakers or the type of presentation, and we can make a recommendation.