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Pynx Pro Tops Brantford Event Planning Lists

By Jamie Carnegie

Any way you frame it, event planning is not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re planning a conference, convention, business event, trade show, performance, or beyond – there’s a ton of logistics, planning, coordinating, anticipating, and hoping…that whatever monkey-wrench inevitably pops up, it won’t derail your event or cause any catastrophic issues. One way local businesses and organizations have been successfully safe-guarding their messaging and virtual reach in 2022 is with rock-solid, high-quality Brantford video production services from Pynx Pro!

Scroll on to explore recent Pynx Pro video production releases showcasing how to make your local event planning easier and your Brantford events more engaging and impactful!

1.Video Brings the Community Together

Communicating and connecting meaningfully with your audience can be extremely difficult, especially when you’re trying to master the visual presentation on top of sharing your heartfelt missions and messages. 

Aside, from professional video production – one thing that has a true knack for bringing people together…is FOOD! Local Brantford business, Our Kitchen Brantford recently worked with Pynx Pro to produce this delicious video marketing clip which gives an authentic, organic tour, showcasing the local business environment, personality, energy, mission, causes, growth potential and opportunity – all while extending a very personal invite to local chefs, bakers, small food businesses, foodies, and the community at large. Not only has this video inspired a sense of warmth and community; from a marketing perspective – it would take a lot of newsletters and social posts to convey that same information with such an impact!


Our Kitchen Brantford Video Production Filming - Pynx Pro Event Planning


Looking to take your next pre-produced video or hybrid event a step further for an even more tempting connection? Include or send a gourmet foodie box or snack with your event invite to have people share a meal, a message, and a moment together, regardless of the distance. Pair your gourmet goods and services with Pynx Pro video production services while planning your next event for events that look good enough to eat! 

2. Getting to the Art (and Heart) of the Matter

Similar to the passion found at the heart of food, cooking, and community – we find that interactive music, media, art, and culture included in our local events grab attention in the very same way. If your audience can’t be in-person or as up-close-and-personal as you’d like them to be, there’s nothing better than a virtual experience to captivate and share your event the way it’s meant to be. 

Whether your event planning needs are in line with Pynx Pro’s recent video production with OSTTC, where Pynx helped the local organization create a dynamic and educational virtual tour, or educational and instructional videos like the new Brantford Trail Mix Demonstration Video recently completed for Tourism Brantford…video is the key to keeping your audience connected and engaged.

Since all event planners have things planned months in advance – for your upcoming 2023 events, you’ll need to consider that hybrid events will be essential to meet your audience and event production needs. Since you’ll already have a to-do list about a mile long, having a trusted, reliable, locally recommended video production company in your back pocket is a must.

Thankfully, while event planners do what they do best – Pynx Pro makes life easier by delivering seamless video production, video editing, and video production company services for all of Brantford’s local small businesses and organizations. So while you’re busy hunting down laptop adapters and shuffling schedules for a 2-hour speaker delay, you can trust your event is still rolling without a hitch, while looking and sounding exceptional. 

Looking for a lively way to host your next fundraising event? Pynx Pro can help you set up a pre-recorded or live stream video production for your talent, speaker, host, or performer to keep your audience engaged, interactivity high, and the video production and sound quality flawless. In an age where we’re often kept at a distance, sending your message directly home to your audience will help you establish the connections we’re all looking for.  

Pynx Pro Tops Brantford Event Planning Lists by Jamie Carnegie - Brantford Video Production and Hybrid Events
Pynx Pro Tops Brantford Event Planning Lists by Jamie Carnegie - Brantford Video Production and Hybrid Events 2

3. Say Hello and Stay Social

Planning an event, presentation, or perhaps a new introduction? Capitalize on your event planning investment by hiring Pynx Pro for professional video production for content to use on your social media, streaming, and website platforms for marketing videos, engagement pieces, instructional videos, keynote speeches, presentations, social media commercials, and so much more. To connect with your audience temporarily is one thing, but in order to establish a foundation and on-going relationship, your audience needs to know that you’re consistent and professional. Simplify and plan like a champ to create not only a dynamite event but also content to pull from for months and years to come, simultaneously. 


Learn more about how Pynx Pro can expertly support and enhance your next Brantford event planning endeavour. Leave the professional presentation to Pynx Pro and see why they’ve become the preferred Brantford Video Production company for local organizations!

Jamie-Carnegie-writing-for-Pynx Pro

Aside from writing for Pynx Productions, Jamie Carnegie owns a thriving content creation and consulting business, where she helps other independents, brands, and businesses grow through digital marketing, content creation, SEO, and creative strategy. You’ll often find her being inspired by current events, plants, creativity, music, sunshine, coffee, and ridiculously cute kittens. Keep up with her on our blog for fresh perspectives, unique wedding planning ideas, event inspiration, planning tips, resources and more!

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