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City of Brantford Special Events interview with Mike D'Eri

City of Brantford Special Events Division Interview

The City of Brantford Special Events division recently interviewed Mike D’Eri of Pynx Pro for a series of educational videos related to organizing special events. These special events tutorials can be found on the City of Brantford website where you can also find other valuable resources on applications, permits, and costs for holding a special event in Brantford.

As a Virtual Events provider, Pynx Pro was asked to participate in the video series to share some knowledge on planning an event. Watch the video below as Mike D’Eri answers questions regarding the software and equipment needed to live stream an event, how to get optimal sound and lighting, costs for putting on virtual events. and special information for hosting a hybrid event

Pynx is always thrilled to be working with our community and looks forward to working with the City of Brantford on future events.

The City of Brantford highlighted the professionalism and expertise of Pynx Pro’s video production, stage solutions, and event production teams. They praised the company’s ability to deliver high-quality results, and how they were able to bring their vision to life through their services. The City also mentioned how they appreciated Pynx Pro’s commitment to meeting tight deadlines and their flexibility when it came to making changes to their projects. 

Play Video about City of Brantford Special Events interview with Mike D'Eri

City of Brantford Special Events

Pynx Pro has been providing exceptional event production and multimedia services in Brantford and the surrounding areas for many years. They have been helping organizations and businesses in creating memorable events that engage and excite their attendees. From large-scale concerts to small business conferences, Pynx Pro has been helping event planners in bringing their vision to life.

In Brantford, Pynx Pro has been involved in many special events including the Canada Day celebration and virtual graduation ceremonies. We have been working closely with organizations and event planners to produce high-quality videos that help to commemorate these events and create lasting memories for the participants.

One of the key areas of expertise of Pynx Pro is their ability to help with virtual events. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, virtual events have become increasingly popular as a way for organizations and businesses to connect with their audiences and customers. Pynx Pro has the knowledge and experience to help event planners in producing virtual events that are engaging, interactive, and memorable.

For special events in Brantford, Pynx Pro can offer a range of services that include video production, live streaming, audio and lighting solutions, and stage production. They have a team of experts who are able to work closely with event planners to help create the perfect event experience. Whether you are looking to host a virtual concert, business conference, or any other special event, Pynx Pro has the skills and expertise to help make it a success.

Another aspect that sets Pynx Pro apart is their ability to create custom solutions for their clients. They are able to work within the budget and requirements of their clients to provide a tailored solution that meets their specific needs. This means that organizations and businesses can rely on Pynx Pro to help create events that are truly unique and memorable.

Pynx Pro is a trusted and reliable provider of event production and multimedia services in Brantford and the surrounding areas. They have the skills, experience, and expertise to help organizations and businesses in creating special events that are engaging and memorable. Whether you are looking to host a virtual event or an in-person event, Pynx Pro can help bring your vision to life.