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Stream your concert or performance online with the help of Pynx Pro

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On-Site AV Production

Full audio visual production with custom lighting, stage designs, and professional sound and video components.

Virtual Event Management

We handle the technical aspects of bringing your event into the virtual space with live interaction with your audience and live streaming integration.

• Multiple HD camera recording
• Audio engineering 
• Lighting design 
• Backline equipment
• Full Virtual Technical Support


Our technical and creative expertise, combined with our well trained staff and state of the art equipment is our strength. Our team has a wide range of education and experience ensuring that Pynx Pro can successfully produce your event no matter how small or large.

Pynx Pro has a history of producing live events. Live events will always be an important part of any event program. Virtual Concerts and Hybrid Events will be an essential part of the new normal in the events industry.


"Mike D'Eri and Pynx did a great job providing staging, sound and lights for the David Wilcox concert in Sept 2019, Oshweken, ON. Mike was incredibly detailed and thorough with meeting our tech rider needs. He and his team were friendly, professional and on the ball all day. Great crew!"
Debbie Hutchins
Tour Manager, David Wilcox



Virtual Events - Pynx Pro

Everyone in your audience gets a front-row seat!

Professional Virtual Concert Production

On-site technicians

Pynx Pro provides an experienced staff of audio engineers, lighting directors, camera operators, and live streaming technicians. The concerts we produce look and sound professional.

Interactive Capibilities

Engage with your audience by choosing a platform that allows for audience participation, Q&A sessions, or live dedications and requests.

Allow your attendees to interact with the artists

Fully Customized Event Production

It takes careful planning and preparation, knowledge of the audiovisual equipment, an understanding of the client and artist to produce a high quality concert stage production. Pynx Pro believes that it takes a lot more than good equipment to have a successful event or concert. You need an event and concert stage production company with people you can trust. Pynx Pro gives you the service and experience that you need to put together a successful event.

Pynx Pro Virtual Services

A virtual concert is a concert that is held online and can be accessed by a global audience via the internet. This type of concert uses live streaming technology to broadcast the performance in real-time to viewers at home, allowing them towatch and experience the concert as if they were there in person. Virtual concerts have become increasingly popular in recent years, as a result of the need for social distancing measures.

Virtual concerts have several benefits for both artists and audiences. For artists, virtual concerts provide an opportunity to reach a global audience and connect with fans who may not be able to attend a live concert in person. They also allow artists to perform in a more controlled environment, with the ability to edit and perfect the final product before it is streamed to viewers.

Virtual concerts also provide a way for artists to monetize their performances, as they can charge for access to the concert or sell merchandise through the online platform.

For audiences, virtual concerts provide an opportunity to watch and experience live performances from the comfort of their own homes. They also allow audiences to access concerts from artists they may not be able to see in person, as well as providing a more affordable option for those who may not be able to afford the cost of attending a live concert. Virtual concerts also provide an opportunity for audiences to interact with other fans and the artist through live chat and social media during the concert.

Partnering with Pynx Pro to produce an online concert can provide several key benefits for businesses and organizations. Pynx Pro is a full-service AV provider that specializes in professional audio-visual production for live events, concerts, corporate functions, and presentations.

We have experience working with both musicians and corporate clients, and have provided AV support for musicians such as Finger Eleven, Tim Hicks, David Wilcox, Lil Jon and more. Additionally, Pynx Pro offers a range of multimedia services, including virtual events and video production, which can help businesses and organizations in their marketing and online presence.

Pynx Pro can help event organizers create a successful virtual concert by providing a full line of corporate audio-visual and media services. We have a team of technical experts who can handle all the difficult aspects of the event, such as setting up the equipment, ensuring clear sound and crisp images, and providing live streaming integration.

We also have a variety of solutions to help businesses and organizations spark their own success at the virtual concert, such as providing event technology and corporate audio-visual services for events such as product launches, training sessions, and seminars.

Pynx Pro also offers a full range of display elements and staging solutions to enable businesses and organizations to present any products, information, or knowledge in a captivating way. We specialize in virtual concert production and can provide the best possible quality of video and sound recording and streaming. We also provide custom lighting solutions, sound recording and post-production editing.

In summary, virtual concerts are an effective way for artists to reach a global audience, and for audiences to experience live performances from the comfort of their own homes. Partnering with Pynx Pro to produce an online concert can provide several key benefits for businesses and organizations. 

We can provide a full line of corporate audio-visual and media services, display elements and staging solutions, and professional technical support. Pynx Pro can help to ensure that your virtual concert is a success and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

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Why Choose Pynx Pro for your Virtual Concert?

Over the years, Pynx has worked with such artists as Finger Eleven, David Wilcox, and Lil Jon on their live performances. We have the experience and technical expertise to bring your Virtual Concert to life.

Our team consists of experts in the field of event production and digital media, and we work closely with our clients to ensure each performance looks amazing and sounds professional.

Our creative virtual concert team creates visually engaging content that your audience will love.

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