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Pynx Pro has been one of Ontario’s premier live event design and concert production resource since 1988. Our technical and creative expertise, combined with our well trained staff and state of the art equipment is our strength. Our team has a wide range of education and experience ensuring that Pynx Pro can successfully produce your event no matter how small or large.

Pynx Pro’s portfolio includes outdoor events and festivals, concert production, trade shows, award ceremonies, annual meetings and more. From the backyard concert production, to the performing arts center and outdoor festivals, we’ve got you covered for the very best in backline equipment rentals and professional technicians that you need.

Available for daily rentals or regional touring.  We are a full service production company offering audio, video, lighting, décor, power distribution, rigging and staging, design services and much, much more.

Pynx Pro’s concert production services we are committed to offering you the best service in the industry along with superior, state of the art equipment. Partner with Pynx to design and produce all of your important events!

Pynx Pro Concert Production - Concert Lighting Ontario - Nikola Tesla Day
Pynx Pro Concert Production - Stage Production - Nikola Tesla Day
Concert Production Company Ontario - Pynx Pro AV

There are several reasons why an event planner might choose to use Pynx Pro for their concert production needs. First and foremost, Pynx Pro has a team of experienced and skilled technicians who are well-versed in all aspects of concert production. From lighting and sound to staging and special effects, Pynx Pro has the expertise and resources to create a high-quality, professional concert experience

Audio Engineering 
Our team of skilled audio engineers is equipped with the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your event has crystal clear sound that immerses your audience in the experience

Concert Lighting Design 

From stage lighting to crowd lighting, we can create the perfect atmosphere for your concert.

Backline Equipment Rentals
Wide range of backline equipment available for rent, including guitars, amplifiers, keyboards, drum kits, and more



We were fortunate enough to work with Pynx twice this summer. They provided sound and lighting for two big events my band @stonetheradio played at. First of all, the guys were all super pro and super friendly! Zero ego, always attentive and completely willing to help make the show easier for all of us! Plus they’re absolute assassins at what they do! The equipment was top notch, modern and helped us sound and look our best! At the second show, they remembered our sets and let us know they were going to apply some cool sound filters/effects on certain songs and the lighting was like it was synced to our set list! Literally worth every penny! And that comes from not just us but the owners of the businesses that hired them, patrons and other musicians in attendance! Do not hesitate! Pull the trigger on the guys!

Mykul Abdallah
Concert Production client

Mike D’Eri and Pynx Productions did a great job providing staging, sound and lights for the David Wilcox concert in Sept 2019, Oshweken, ON. Mike was incredibly detailed and thorough with meeting our tech rider needs. He and his team were friendly, professional and on the ball all day. Great crew! Thanks fellas

Debbie Hutchins
FOH and TM for David Wilcox

We can’t recommend Pynx highly enough. Their team of sound technicians is exceptional, offering unparalleled expertise and professionalism. From our first interaction, it was clear that Pynx understood our needs perfectly. They meticulously set up our equipment, ensuring every detail was attended to, which significantly elevated our performance. The sound quality was phenomenal, with crystal-clear acoustics and perfect balance. Their ability to adapt and respond to any technical challenges on the fly was truly impressive. Working with Pynx was a seamless experience, allowing us to focus entirely on our music. If you’re running an event, looking for top-notch sound support, Pynx is a great team to trust. Their commitment to excellence makes them one of the best in the business.

Lonely Hearts
Concert Production client

The PYNX Pro Sound Experience was amazing. Had a easy & comforting time working with them. I definitely recommend them for large live concerts. Keep up the great work guys

Showcase Attractions
Concert Production client

#1 Rated Concert Production

The Trews (4) - Canada Summer Games - Pynx Pro Concerts

Pynx Pro offers a wide range of concert production services, including concert lighting, concert speakers, and special effects. Whether you are looking to create a visually stunning light show or want to enhance the audio experience for your audience, Pynx Pro has the equipment and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

From the initial consultation to the final execution of your concert, the team at Pynx Pro will work closely with you to ensure that all of your needs are met and that your concert is a success. Overall, Pynx Pro is a reliable, professional, and highly skilled concert production company that event planners can trust to deliver a top-notch concert experience.