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SL260 Stage Rentals

Introducing the SL260 Series of Stages:
Elevating Your Event Experience

Welcome to the world of event production, where the spotlight shines bright and the stage becomes a canvas for unforgettable experiences. At Pynx Pro, we take immense pride in offering top-of-the-line stage rentals that elevate any event to new heights.

In this showcase, we proudly present the Stageline SL260 Series, an exceptional stage setup that sets the stage for your event’s success.

The Power of the SL260 Stage Series: A Platform for Excellence

When it comes to staging solutions, the SL260 Series stands out as a true showstopper. Designed with precision engineering and built with quality materials, these stages are the perfect foundation for delivering an exceptional event experience. Let’s explore the features that make the SL260 Series an outstanding choice:

Pynx Pro Concert Production - Stage Production - Nikola Tesla Day


1. Striking Design and Versatility

The SL260 Series boasts a sleek and modern design that complements any event theme. With its modular construction, it offers great flexibility in sizing, ensuring that the stage adapts seamlessly to your venue and event requirements. Whether it’s a corporate conference, live concert, or community festival, the SL260 Series provides a stunning backdrop for performers and speakers alike.

2. Enhanced Load Capacity

With safety as our top priority, the SL260 Series is engineered to handle heavy loads with ease. Its robust construction and high load capacity ensure that it can support even the most elaborate setups, including elaborate stage designs, LED displays, and lighting rigs.

3. Easy and Efficient Setup

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to event production. The SL260 Series is designed for quick and efficient setup, saving you valuable time during the event preparation process. Our expert team will have your stage ready for action in no time, leaving you more time to focus on other essential event elements.

4. Exceptional Acoustic Performance

In the world of live performances, sound quality is paramount. The SL260 Series offers exceptional acoustic performance, ensuring that the audience experiences crystal-clear audio without any distortions. The stage’s design helps direct sound waves to the audience, creating an immersive sonic experience.

The Trews (4) - Canada Summer Games - Pynx Pro Concerts
The Difference: SL100 vs. SL260

As we discuss the SL260 Series, you might wonder how it compares to its predecessor, the SL100 Series. While both series offer exceptional quality and performance, the SL260 Series takes things up a notch with its enhanced load capacity and versatility. The SL260 Series is the preferred choice for larger events and those requiring a more substantial stage setup.


Stageline SL260 Stage Rental - Pynx Pro outdoor stage rentals

Stageline SL260 Stage Rentals

The SL260 is a dependable option for show sites, known for its exceptional reliability. Featuring cutting-edge Stageline technology, this stage has been trusted by countless tours, including Warped Tour for over two decades in North America. It was also our go-to choice for the Canada Games concert series featuring The Trews. Ideal for events attracting crowds of 2,000 to 5,000 people.

Complementing Services by Pynx Pro

At Pynx Pro, we believe in delivering a comprehensive event experience that goes beyond just stage rentals. To ensure your event leaves a lasting impact, we offer an array of services that complement the SL260 Series stage rentals:

1. Professional Sound Engineering

Crystal-clear sound is an integral part of any successful event. Our team of sound engineers is equipped with cutting-edge audio technology to ensure that every note, speech, and performance resonates with the audience.

2. Dynamic Lighting Solutions

Transform your event into a visual spectacle with our dynamic lighting solutions. From vibrant stage lighting to mesmerizing light shows, our lighting experts create a captivating ambiance that enhances the overall event experience.

3. High-Definition LED Video Walls

Create stunning visual displays and captivate your audience with our high-definition LED video walls. These immersive screens can showcase live performances, visuals, presentations, and more, elevating the impact of your event.

4. Event Production Expertise

From event planning to seamless execution, our event production team has the expertise to handle every aspect of your event. We bring together all the essential elements to create a flawless experience for you and your guests.


As you embark on your event journey, remember that a stage can be more than just a platform; it can be a canvas for extraordinary experiences. With the SL260 Series and Pynx Pro’s complementing services, your event is poised for greatness. Let us work together to make your vision a reality and create an event that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Reach out to us today to discover the possibilities of the SL260 Series and unlock the magic of event production with Pynx Pro.