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Pynx Pro Expands to Second Warehouse to Meet Growing Demand

Pynx Pro Expands to Second Warehouse to Meet Growing Demand - News Release

Pynx Pro Expands

Brant County, ON – [March 29. 2024] – Pynx Pro, a leading event production company, is excited to announce its recent expansion with the acquisition of a second warehouse location. This strategic move comes as Pynx Pro continues to experience rapid growth and aims to better serve its local communities.

Owner, Mike D’Eri, expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion, stating, “Pynx has a long-rooted history in the Brantford Brant region, and we have no intention of moving our head office out of this area anytime soon.” He added, “We made the move to Brant County five years ago in 2019 to have room to grow, and over the last two years, we’ve been expanding so ferociously that it’s been tough to keep up with. But our current landlord was nice enough to keep knocking down walls in our building and allowing us to expand in the same location.”

Pynx Pro Expands to Second Warehouse to Meet Growing Demand - Pynx News

Last year, Pynx Pro reached critical mass in its existing facility, prompting the decision to acquire a second warehouse location. D’Eri expressed his satisfaction with the decision, stating, “We’re quite pleased to announce that it is also located right here in the county of Brant as well.” He emphasized, “With this new expansion, we’ll be able to keep up with the surging demand in the events industry to help serve our friends in Brantford Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk County, and beyond even better than before.”

Pynx Pro’s expansion reflects its commitment to providing exceptional service and support to its clients. With the additional warehouse space, the company aims to enhance its capabilities and streamline operations to meet the needs of its growing customer base.

The new warehouse location will enable Pynx Pro to efficiently store and manage its extensive inventory of event production equipment, including lighting, audiovisual gear, staging materials, and more. This expanded capacity will ensure that Pynx Pro can fulfill orders promptly and continue to deliver top-notch service to its clients.

As Pynx Pro continues to grow and evolve, its dedication to serving its local communities remains unwavering. The company looks forward to leveraging its expanded infrastructure to support even more memorable and successful events for its clients across Brant County and beyond.

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