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Pynx Productions in Brantford, ON Officially Announces The Opening of their New Division - Pynx Multimedia

Pynx Pro Multimedia - Virtual Event Audio Visual Technicians - New Division Announcement

The New Pynx Pro Multimedia Division will serve customers throughout North America with a suite of services including Virtual Event and Live Streaming, Video Production, Web Design and Graphic Design

Brantford, ON – Pynx Productions, one of the leading event production and A/V companies in Ontario, has launched their new division “Pynx Multimedia,” offering a variety of new complementary services, including virtual events, live streaming, video production, web design, and graphic design. The division was created to cater to individuals, businesses, and organizations who are relying far more on digital platforms and online media, given the changing landscape and the need for individuals to stay protected during these unprecedented times. 

The newly launched division and services meet the needs of an underserved market who are looking for new, safe ways to communicate, position and promote their businesses and organizations while keeping themselves and, most importantly, their clients and audience safe as this global pandemic continues. 

One of the most popular newly minted services Pynx  Pro Multimedia offers is undoubtedly their virtual event, live streaming, and webcasting service. This service allows the team at Pynx Multimedia to remotely control, coordinate and manage their clients live streamed events so those clients can host their event and present to their audiences from a remote socially distanced location.

This also allows the attendees of the event to watch and participate from the safety and comfort of their own homes. Some examples of these events include meetings, conferences, company training and workshops, musical performances and concerts, seminars, fundraisers, charity events and many more. 

During a recent interview with Pynx Productions and Pynx Multimedia, owner Mike D’Eri said the following, “Pynx Productions has always been a live (in person) event solution company. But when this pandemic started, we quickly recognized many of our clients were looking for ways they could still host their events while also ensuring the safety of their would-be attendees. This is how Pynx Multimedia was born.”

He continued, “I knew there were businesses and organizations who needed these types of services, I just wasn’t sure how many, and there are almost no other companies offering these types of services.” He went on to say, “However, as soon as we launched the services, the response was incredible, and the requests haven’t stopped pouring in – We knew we were onto something. Things are changing rapidly, and businesses and organizations are looking for new and safer ways to operate during these unprecedented times and going forward into the future, so our focus is on providing high-quality solutions to help them do just that.

Pynx Multimedia Services, a division of Pynx Productions, is a complete live event multimedia production and promotional solution. Their team are experts in full-scale live event production, coordination and management and offer a suite of services that include virtual events, remote live streaming and webcasting services, video production, web design, and graphic design and promotional packaging. Those who would like more information about the company’s services can contact Pynx Pro Multimedia by phone, email, or through a contact form on their website.

Pynx Pro is utilizing our multimedia division in innovative and dynamic ways to enhance our clients’ events and projects. We are incorporating cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to deliver high-quality audio and visual solutions, from live events to virtual ones. By constantly updating our equipment and expanding our services, Pynx Pro is at the forefront of the industry, offering unique and customized experiences for their clients. With our new multimedia division, Pynx Pro is setting the standard for audio visual solutions in the market.