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LED Video Wall Rentals

Captivate Your Audience:
Pynx Pro's LED Video Wall Rentals

Planning an event that needs that extra “wow” factor? Look no further—Pynx Pro’s LED Video Wall Rentals are here to turn your vision into a visual masterpiece! Let’s dive into the world of LED displays and see why they’re the secret to creating unforgettable events.

 Trade shows
 Product launches
• Charity Galas
 Award Ceremonies
• Weddings

…and more


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Advantages to Using LED Walls for Events

Versatility in Events:

Whether you’re hosting a corporate conference, a live concert, or a product launch, our LED video walls can adapt to any event setting. They’re not just screens; they’re dynamic canvases ready to showcase your content in vibrant detail.

Sharper Images, Closer Connections:

Our LED video walls boast stunning visuals with various pixel pitch options. Why does pixel pitch matter? It determines the optimal viewing distance, ensuring sharp, clear images for every viewer.

Pixel pitch refers to the distance between pixels or diodes, with smaller pitches yielding better close-up image quality. Outdoor walls typically have larger pitches as the audience is farther away, while indoor walls require tighter pixels for closer viewing.

We offer the following pixel pitch options: 3mm (indoor only), 3.91mm (indoor/outdoor), 4.8mm (indoor/outdoor), and 5mm (outdoor big screen for concerts). Choose the perfect pixel pitch for your event’s needs and wow your audience with impeccable visuals.

Wow from Every Angle:

Our ground-supported video walls, featuring 12 x 12-inch panels, guarantees that your content is visible and captivating from every angle. No more worrying about certain sections missing out—every corner gets a piece of the visual feast.

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Events That Shine with LED Video Walls:

Concerts and Music Festivals: Amplify the visual experience of live performances with vibrant backgrounds and dynamic visuals.

Corporate Events: Elevate presentations, impress clients, and communicate your brand message with stunning visuals.

Trade Shows: Attract attention and stand out in crowded exhibition spaces with eye-catching displays.

Product Launches: Showcase your product in style with visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Planning an event that needs that extra “wow” factor? Look no further—Pynx Pro’s LED Video Wall Rentals are here to turn your vision into a visual masterpiece! 

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Why Trust Pynx Pro with your Video Wall?

Expertise That Shines: We aren’t just renting out equipment; we’re offering an experience. Our team brings years of expertise to ensure your LED video wall integrates seamlessly with your event.

Tailored to You:
No two events are the same, and neither should be their displays. Pynx Pro customizes your LED video wall setup to match your event’s unique needs, ensuring a tailored experience.

Full Support:
Worried about technical glitches during your event? Don’t be. Pynx Pro provides full technical support, so you can focus on what matters – creating memorable moments.

Video Wall Technology

Our high-resolution displays boast cutting-edge pixel pitch, ensuring crystal-clear visuals from any vantage point. The ground-supported video wall, featuring 12 x 12-inch panels, elevates your event with vibrant, true-to-life colors. Pixel pitch perfection means optimal viewing distances, making these walls ideal for concerts, conferences, trade shows, and more. LED technology offers unparalleled versatility, allowing dynamic content customization for various occasions.

With Pynx Pro, you’re not just renting screens; you’re investing in a visual revolution that captivates and mesmerizes your audience. Illuminate your event with the brilliance of LED innovation!

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Ready to Transform Your Event?

Ready to turn your event into a visual spectacle? Contact Pynx Pro for LED Video Wall Rentals that redefine what’s possible. Let’s add a dash of wow to your next big thing!

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