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The Burlington Yogafest is an annual event that invites the body and mind to begin the day in sweet, mindful relation. Pynx was contacted to provide stage design for the three room indoor festival at the Burlington Convention Centre in 2018. Working with three different rooms operating at the same time was a unique challenge, as the stage design for each room had it’s own concept. In the main room, we provided sound with EV speakers and an Allen & Heath console. The visuals were a combination of Chauvet LED Colourails and Lumi LED pars. Topping the visuals off, we brought a dry ice machine for special FX. The dry ice machine helped us create a look and feel that a traditional theatrical fog machine or hazer would not have allowed us to achieve. The two secondary rooms each had their own unique stage design. One room was focused around live musicians and the other room was a meditation lounge which was mainly focused on ambient lighting.

YogaFest Case Study


We exclusively used EV ELX115P cabinets throughout the three rooms for the entire event. This helped keep our stage design and sound consistent from room to room during Yogafest.


Yogafest has a large lighting element. Pynx used products from Chauvet and Lumi to create ambience from floor to ceiling that changed from room to room with vibrant colours.

Special FX

During the meditation periods in the main room, we were asked to create special effects that people could sense outside of just hearing the presenters. Using a dry ice machine and some LED lighting fixtures, we were able to transform the main room into a cool blue mystical forest that the attendees could see and feel as they went through their guided mediations.