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YogaFest Event Production



The Burlington Yogafest is an annual event that invites the body and mind to begin the day in sweet, mindful relation.

Pynx Pro was tasked with providing stage design for the Burlington Yogafest, a three-room indoor festival held at the Burlington Convention Centre in 2018. The festival presented a unique challenge, as each room required its own distinct stage design. In the main room, Pynx Pro utilized sound equipment from EV speakers and an Allen & Heath console, along with visuals from Chauvet LED Colourails and Lumi LED pars, as well as a dry ice machine for special effects. The dry ice machine was especially effective in creating a unique and otherworldly look, which traditional fog machines or hazers could not have achieved.

The two secondary rooms were also given their own unique stage designs. One room was focused on live musicians, while the other was a meditation lounge which was mainly concerned with ambient lighting. Pynx Pro was able to effectively tailor the lighting and sound to fit the specific needs of each room, transforming the venue into a fully immersive and memorable experience for festival-goers.

Pynx Pro’s experience and expertise in audio visual equipment and stage design allowed us to effectively bring the festival to life and create a truly unique and memorable experience for all those in attendance.

YogaFest Case Study


We exclusively used EV ELX115P cabinets throughout the three rooms for the entire event. This helped keep our stage design and sound consistent from room to room during Yogafest.


Yogafest has a large lighting element. Pynx used products from Chauvet and Lumi to create ambience from floor to ceiling that changed from room to room with vibrant colours.

Special FX

During the meditation periods in the main room, we were asked to create special effects that people could sense outside of just hearing the presenters. Using a dry ice machine and some LED lighting fixtures, we were able to transform the main room into a cool blue mystical forest that the attendees could see and feel as they went through their guided mediations.


Pynx Pro provides a wide range of special FX features to enhance the look and feel of events. Some unique special FX features that Pynx Pro can provide include:

  1. Dry Ice Machines: Dry ice machines are a popular special FX option that provides a unique look to any event. This is achieved by creating a low-lying fog that enhances the ambiance of the event.

  2. Theatrical Fog: Theatrical fog is another special FX option that can provide a dramatic effect to any event. This effect is achieved by using a fog machine to produce a dense, white cloud that can be used to create a mysterious or eerie atmosphere.

  3. Co2 Jets: CO2 jets are a powerful special FX option that creates a stunning visual display by blasting streams of CO2 into the air.

  4. Smoke Machines: Smoke machines can provide a dramatic effect to any event by creating a cloud of smoke to enhance the visual impact of lighting or special effects.

  5. Haze Machines: Haze machines create a thin mist that diffuses light to create a soft, dreamy atmosphere for any event.

Pynx Pro’s special FX options can be customized to meet the specific needs and goals of each event to enhance the overall experience for the attendees.


Case studies are a valuable resource for readers interested in learning about the solutions Pynx Pro has provided for various events and productions. By reading these in-depth accounts of past projects, readers can gain a better understanding of the company’s capabilities and the types of challenges it has successfully overcome.

From stage design and lighting solutions to audio and video production, Pynx Pro’s case studies showcase the company’s expertise and ability to tailor its services to meet the specific needs of each event. Whether you are an event planner, venue manager, or simply interested in learning more about the event production industry, reading Pynx Pro’s case studies can provide valuable insights and inspiration for your own event planning and production needs.