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Tillsonburg TurtleFest

Concert featuring Jason Blaine

The Tillsonburg TurtleFest is an annual beloved event that has been a tradition in Southwest Ontario bringing people together for a memorable day of family fun, delicious food, and exceptional music.

As the festival organizers sought to elevate the concert experience, they turned to Pynx Pro, a renowned provider of concert audio visual services. Our mission was to ensure that the performances by Canadian country music star Jason Blaine, and opening act the Cory James Mitchell Band, would captivate the audience and leave a lasting impression. In this case study, we will delve into the details of how Pynx Pro expertly delivered concert audio visual support, enhancing the overall experience and making TurtleFest a resounding success.

From cutting-edge sound systems to dynamic lighting designs, we explore the challenges, solutions, and outcomes that unfolded as we helped create an unforgettable musical celebration for the Tillsonburg community and beyond.


When it came to delivering an exceptional concert sound experience at TurtleFest, Pynx Pro pulled out all the stops. We harnessed the power of the RCF-HDL 10-A Active Line Array Modules, renowned for their superior audio quality and versatility. These state-of-the-art modules were strategically positioned to ensure optimal coverage and dispersion throughout the outdoor space, creating a rich and immersive sound environment.

Whether attendees were in the front row or at the back of the crowd, they were treated to crystal-clear vocals, punchy bass lines, and vibrant instrumentals that brought the music to life. Our skilled audio technicians meticulously calibrated the system, fine-tuning every detail to achieve a perfect balance and prevent any sound distortion. As a result, the concert sound from Pynx Pro resonated with the audience, immersing them in an unforgettable sonic experience that truly showcased the talents of Jason Blaine and the Cory James Mitchell Band.

Tillsonburg TurtleFest Jason Blaine Concert - Pynx Pro Audio Visual Case Study


• RCF Line Array Speakers
• RCF-SUB8006AS Double 18” Active Subwoofers
• RCF-ST15-SMA 15” Active Stage Monitor
• Allen & Heath SQ7 Digital Mixing Console
• Allen & Heath SQ5 Digital Mixing Console
• Allen & Heath DX168 SQ/DLIVE Stage Box


• Sennheiser e904
• Shure PG Drum Series 
• Shure BETA 57a Instrument Microphone
• Shure SM57
• Shure Beta 27 Supercardioid Condenser Microphone


Pynx Pro took the TurtleFest concert to a whole new level with our impressive array of concert lighting equipment. We carefully curated a dynamic lighting setup that included the powerful ADJ ENCORE LP12IP fixtures and the versatile Chauvet Strike Array 2 units. The ADJ ENCORE LP12IPs dazzled the stage with their vibrant colors and precise beam control, creating captivating visual effects that enhanced the mood and energy of the performances. Meanwhile, the Chauvet Strike Array 2s added a punch of intensity with their high-output LED wash lights, illuminating the stage with stunning brightness and clarity.

Our skilled lighting technicians expertly programmed and synchronized these fixtures to create mesmerizing lighting sequences that perfectly complemented the music and captivated the audience. Our lighting setup brought a sense of excitement and visual spectacle to the TurtleFest concerts. 

Tillsonburg TurtleFest and Jason Blaine Concert - Pynx Pro Audio Visual Case Study


• Chauvet Strike Array 2
• Chamsys MQ50 Lighting Desk


On-site, Pynx encountered a significant challenge: limited access to electricity. The previous service provider had underestimated the equipment required for an event of this magnitude, leaving us with less than half of what was needed. To ensure a seamless experience, we collaborated closely with a local electrical supply company to devise a temporary power solution. This involved careful distribution to accommodate the audio and lighting equipment, allowing us to deliver a top-notch production.

Time management posed another hurdle for Pynx. To prepare the region for the anticipated surge in attendees, certain roads needed to be closed well in advance of the event. In response to this request, our team willingly arrived on site several hours earlier than required, accommodating the road closures and demonstrating our commitment to making the event a success. We understood the importance of coordinating logistics effectively to ensure a smooth experience for all involved.

Tillsonburg Turtlefest and Jason Blaine Concert - Pynx Pro Audio Visual Case Study Stage


Pynx Pro’s involvement in TurtleFest proved to be a resounding success. From our expertly crafted concert audio visual setup to our dynamic lighting design, we created an electrifying atmosphere for concert-goers. Despite the challenges faced, our team went above and beyond to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance. We take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional audio visual solutions that enhance the overall enjoyment of events. TurtleFest was a true testament to our dedication, expertise, and commitment to providing top-notch production services. We look forward to continuing to bring memorable experiences to festivals and events in the future.


Your team - every single one of them - was super fantastic! Truly. I have worked with a lot of various partners over the years and yours by far is the best! Professional all the way. Never a complaint about anything, fun accommodating just fantastic all the way around. Working with you has proven to save me myself about 5 hours of work 😊 I used to have to help run chords, hang all the banners, deal with personalities and attitudes – please thank each and every one of them and give them our special thanks – your team doesn’t come any better! I will be recommending you and your team to everyone I know! Again from myself and our entire committee – THANK YOU!!!

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