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Jason Blaine Concert featuring Eric Ethridge

Seaforth Ribfest

Pynx Pro had the pleasure of providing concert production for the 2022 Seaforth Ribfest, featuring country music artists Jason Blaine and Eric Ethridge. With an outdoor venue and a large crowd expected, the Pynx Pro team had to ensure the event ran smoothly, with high-quality audio, lighting, and visual components to create an unforgettable experience for the audience.

In this case study, we’ll explore how Pynx Pro delivered an exceptional concert production, ensuring the artists’ performances were delivered to their fullest potential while creating a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.


In the summer of 2022, Pynx Pro was tasked with producing a concert at Ribfest, a popular food and music festival held annually in Ontario, Canada. The headlining acts for the concert were country music stars Jason Blaine and Eric Ethridge, and the goal was to create an exceptional concert production that would showcase their talents while delivering an unforgettable experience for the thousands of fans in attendance.

To achieve this, Pynx Pro went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the concert production was executed flawlessly. From the audio and lighting to the stage design and special effects, Pynx Pro left no stone unturned in their pursuit of delivering the ultimate concert experience.

We were responsible for the stage setup and providing the full concert audio using our RCF Line Array speakers. Additionally, we created a stunning light show utilizing a variety of lighting equipment and special effects.

Ribfest Concert Eric Ethridge - Pynx Pro Case Study

Concert-Quality Sound

One of the key components of any concert production is the audio, and Pynx Pro’s team of audio technicians ensured that the sound quality was top-notch throughout the event. We utilized a state-of-the-art sound system that delivered crystal-clear audio to every corner of the concert venue, ensuring that every note and every word could be heard with clarity.

In addition to the main sound system, Pynx Pro also provided monitoring systems on stage for the performers, allowing them to hear themselves and each other with precision. This allowed Jason Blaine and Eric Ethridge to deliver their best performances possible, knowing that they could hear themselves and their bandmates clearly.

But a concert isn’t just about the sound – it’s also about the visual spectacle. And Pynx Pro did not disappoint on this front. We designed a stunning stage setup that was both visually stunning and functional. The stage was large enough to accommodate the artists and their bands, while also providing ample space for special effects and lighting.


Speaking of lighting, our lighting design was one of the highlights of the concert production. Pynx Pro utilized a range of lighting techniques, including spotlights, floodlights, and colour washes, to create a dynamic and engaging visual experience for the audience. The lighting effects were synchronized with the music, adding another layer of immersion to the concert experience.

Seaforth Ribfest and Jason Blaine Concert - Pynx Pro Case Study


Overall, Pynx Pro’s concert production at Ribfest was a resounding success. We delivered an exceptional audio and visual experience that showcased the talents of Jason Blaine and Eric Ethridge while creating a memorable experience for everyone in attendance. The concert was a testament to Pynx Pro’s expertise in concert production, and our commitment to delivering the best possible experience for our clients and their audiences.

Pynx Pro’s production at Ribfest was a shining example of our commitment to excellence in concert production. We spared no effort in creating the ultimate concert experience, utilizing top-of-the-line audio and lighting equipment, a stunning stage setup, and engaging special effects. The result was a memorable and immersive experience that will stay with the audience for years to come. 



• 16 RCF Line Array Speakers
• Allen & Heath SQ5 & SQ7 Mixing Consoles
• Shure Vocal & Instrument Microphones
• Sennheiser E600 Drum Kit Microphones


• Martin MH1 Moving Heads
• Chauvet Wash Zoom 350’s
• ADJ Encore LP12s
• Chauvet Strike Array 2

If you’re looking for a concert production company that can deliver exceptional results, Pynx Pro is the clear choice.

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