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Custom Stage Design for
Connor Price Concert

From The Pynx Pro Staff
Connor Price at Sheridan College - Pynx Pro Concert Production
Sheridan College Student Union Concert - Pynx Pro Event Production
Design for Connor Price Concert - Pynx Pro Concert Production

Pynx Pro had the privilege of collaborating with the Sheridan College Student Union and the talented hip-hop artist, Connor Price, to craft a unique concert experience that exceeded expectations. This case study delves into the details of how we turned artistic visions into reality with our custom designs for the Connor Price concert. When creativity knows no bounds, the stage becomes the canvas for imagination.

Check out some highlights from the concert in the video below:

Video filmed by Starsky Partridge and Chris Brown – Edited by Starsky Partridge – Pynx Pro Video Production

Setting the Stage: An Introduction to our Custom Stage Design

Connor Price, an emerging star in the music industry, is known for his distinctive sound that blends hip-hop, R&B, soul, and pop. With an ever-growing fan base and a reputation for pushing boundaries, he sought to deliver a concert experience as unique as his music. That’s when the Sheridan College Student Union reached out to Pynx Pro to transform their ideas into a captivating reality.

The Vision Unveiled: Crafting a Unique Stage for the Sheridan College Student Union

Our journey began with a collaborative effort. The client shared mock-up designs of stages they envisioned for Connor Price’s performance. These initial concepts served as the raw materials for our custom stage creation. Pynx Pro’s team of experienced professionals meticulously analyzed these ideas and set out to build something truly one-of-a-kind.

Connor Price Stage Design - Pynx Pro

Pictured: Client Mock Up

The 'Ɪ' Design: Unveiling the Unique Stage for Connor Price

Inspired by the client’s mock-ups, we decided to go with a custom-shaped “Ɪ” design stage. This distinctive layout added an element of intrigue to the concert’s visual appeal. The “Ɪ” design not only provided an aesthetically pleasing backdrop but also ensured that Connor Price could connect intimately with his audience from various angles.

Custom Stage Design at Sheridan - Pynx Pro Event Production

The Building Blocks: Equipment Behind the Magic

Crafting a unique stage is not just about creativity; it’s about the right equipment. Pynx Pro deployed a range of cutting-edge AV gear to bring the stage to life:

Stage Construction: We utilized 12 of our versatile 4′ x 8′ Ultra Stage Decks to construct the stage. These stage decks are not just sturdy but also customizable, allowing us to achieve the unique “Ɪ” design.

Connor Price Concert at Sheridan - Pynx Pro Stage Design

LED Video Wall: Visuals play a crucial role in any concert experience. To ensure the audience got an immersive visual treat, we incorporated a high-resolution LED video wall, enhancing the overall impact of the performance. The LED visuals were also part of the DJ booth facade. 

Pynx Pro Stage Design - Connor Price Concert

Lighting Extravaganza: Lighting can make or break a show. Pynx Pro elevated the concert’s lighting design with a box truss that supported an array of ADJ Vizi Beam and ADJ Encore Lights. This dynamic lighting setup added depth, texture, and energy to Connor Price’s performance.

Connor Price Concert - Pynx Pro Stage Design
Lighting Set Up - Concerts - Pynx Pro Concert Production
Sheridan College Concert - Pynx Pro Concert Production

Audio Brilliance: Crystal-clear sound is non-negotiable at any concert. We relied on our top-tier RCF Active Line Array Speakers and Subwoofers to ensure that every note and lyric resonated with precision and power.

Our sound technicians were on hand from start to finish to ensure a seamless production. 

Connor Price Stage Design at Sheridan College - Pynx Pro
The Result: A Concert to Remember

As the custom “Ɪ” design stage took its place, and the AV equipment seamlessly merged with Connor Price’s musical prowess, the stage was set for an unforgettable night. The concert was a visual and auditory spectacle, where every element, from the stage’s unique shape to the lighting and sound, contributed to the overall experience.

Custom Stage Lighting - Pynx Pro Concert Production

The “Custom Design for Connor Price Concert” case study highlights Pynx Pro’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity in the realm of concert production. Collaborating with artists and organizations to transform concepts into reality is what drives us. Whether it’s an emerging talent like Connor Price or other established acts, we believe that the stage should be a canvas for imagination, and the audience deserves nothing less than a captivating experience.

Custom Stage Design - Pynx Pro Concert Production

At Pynx Pro, we don’t just build stages; we craft immersive environments where music and art unite to create moments that linger in the hearts of the audience. Our commitment to innovation, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous attention to detail ensures that every event we undertake, like the Connor Price concert, becomes an unforgettable memory.

And this is just one chapter in our journey of redefining event production. Whether it’s custom stage designs, AV equipment, lighting, or sound, Pynx Pro is your partner in turning ideas into extraordinary realities. We don’t just follow trends; we set them. Because when creativity and technology unite, the stage becomes a limitless space for imagination.

Sheridan College featuring Connor Price - Stage Design - Pynx Pro