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Shining a Spotlight: Pynx Pro's Expertise in Concert Lighting at the Riverside Jamfest in Cambridge

A Pynx Pro Case Study


When the rhythm of the Caribbean and reggae music swept through the air at the Cambridge Riverside Jamfest in August of 2023, Pynx Pro took the stage as the master of concert lighting, transforming the night into a visual and auditory spectacle. The festival showcased an incredible lineup of live performances by renowned artists like Gyptian, Tiffanie Malvo, Anthony Malvo, Micheal Arkk, and Plankydon, with musical vibes courtesy of Stone Love, Bass Odyssey, Inna Force, and more. 

Concert Lighting Production - Pynx Pro at Cambridge Riverside Jamfest

Amidst the pulsating beats and infectious melodies, Pynx Pro’s concert lighting design team created an immersive experience that perfectly complemented the music and left the audience awestruck.

Concert Lighting Company - Pynx Pro at Cambridge Riverside Jamfest

Crafting the Concert Lighting Experience

Stage Lighting - Concert Lighting - Pynx Pro Event Production

As the sun dipped below the horizon and the anticipation grew, Pynx Pro’s expertise in concert lighting took center stage. Our team meticulously designed the concert lighting setup to amplify the energy of the performances and create an atmosphere that resonated with the genre. Each light, strategically placed, became an instrument in its own right, dancing to the rhythm and enhancing every beat. From the powerful ADJ Vizi Beam 12RX lights that sliced through the air with their sharp beams to the mesmerizing ADJ Encore LP12IP lights that painted the stage with a kaleidoscope of colors, every element was curated to elevate the musical journey.


The lighting we deployed for the event read like a symphony of illumination. The Chauvet Strike Arrays added dramatic flair, casting bold and intense beams that synced effortlessly with the music. The Antari Z350 Haze Machine enveloped the stage in a soft mist, creating an beautiful ambiance that brought depth to the visual experience. Pynx Pro’s lighting design wasn’t just about illumination; it was about sculpting an immersive environment where music and light united in harmony.


Pynx Pro at Cambridge Riverside Jamfest - Concert Lighting Design and Stage Lighting

Pynx Pro’s reputation as a premier concert lighting company shines brighter with every event we undertake. Our commitment to delivering exceptional stage lighting rentals and lighting design stems from a passion for creating unforgettable moments. We understand that lighting isn’t just about brightness; it’s about capturing the essence of the music, enhancing emotions, and engaging the audience on a multi-sensory journey.



12 x ADJ Vizi Beam 12RX

16 x ADJ Encore LP12IP

4 x Chavez Strike Array

2 x Antari Z350 Haze Machine

Chamsys MagicQ MQ50 Lighting Console

Expertise in Every Beam

Our expertise isn’t just about the technical aspects of stage lighting; it’s about translating the language of music into light. We work closely with event organizers, understanding the genre, the artists, and the audience’s expectations. This collaboration enables us to craft lighting experiences that resonate with the event’s identity. Whether it’s dynamic lighting effects that sync with a bass drop or gentle hues that sway to a reggae rhythm, our concert lighting design is a testament to our dedication to artistic expression.

Concert Lighting Design - Pynx Pro at Cambridge Riverside Jamfest
Setting the Stage Alight - CONCERT LIGHTING DESIGN

At the Cambridge Riverside Jamfest, Pynx Pro’s lighting prowess wasn’t merely a visual accompaniment; it was an integral part of the performance. The synergy between the artists and our lighting design transformed the stage into a canvas of emotions. We believe that every event is an opportunity to create magic, to transport the audience beyond the ordinary, and to ignite the senses through light and sound.

Stage Lighting - Pynx Pro at Cambridge Riverside Jamfest

The Cambridge Riverside Jamfest was more than a music festival; it was a celebration of rhythm, culture, and the power of artistic expression. Pynx Pro’s lighting design added another layer to this celebration, enhancing every note, every movement, and every emotion. Our journey through the world of lighting is a continuous exploration of innovation, creativity, and the art of turning stages into living canvases. At Pynx Pro, we don’t just illuminate events; we illuminate emotions.

So, whether it’s a reggae festival, a rock concert, or a corporate event, let Pynx Pro be your partner in creating a visual masterpiece that captivates, mesmerizes, and leaves a lasting impression.

Pynx Pro: More than Just Lighting

As a full-service event production company, our expertise goes beyond concert lighting. We offer a comprehensive range of audiovisual services that seamlessly integrate with our lighting design. Our commitment to excellence, paired with cutting-edge technology and a creative approach, ensures that your event is not only well-lit but also well-produced. From sound engineering to stage setup, Pynx Pro is your partner in delivering remarkable experiences.

Pynx Pro is an event production company with decades of experience to handle all of your concert and festival production needs. 

Pynx Pro Concert Production - Concert Lighting Ontario - Nikola Tesla Day