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CIC Roundtable

Canadian International Council Virtual Roundtable

Virtual Conference

A Pynx Pro Multimedia Case Study


Pynx Pro Multimedia was engaged by the Canadian International Council – Waterloo Branch to provide virtual event support for their two day international conference. Pynx supplied a dedicated four person team to bring this virtual event to life. The team included a project manager, an expert in webpage design, a communications officer and an IT specialist.

The CIC itself wanted to use the Zoom Webinar Platform for their event, and Pynx Multimedia was happy to make it work on their behalf, as they had previous knowledge with this particular platform.

The first step in the process was the web design project. The webpage design project included a customized/branded micro site,  which had materials, resources, biographies and all sorts of other great pieces of information.  The resource heavy webpage was made publicly available to the attendees of the event.  The webpage will be hosted for one full year on behalf of the client.

After the web design was underway, our communications officer went to work to create the registrations needed to pull in the audience on behalf of the group. The registrations themselves were sent out through the Pynx Multimedia MailChimp account on behalf of the client.  We wanted to make a custom registration that didn’t look like it was coming from the Zoom platform, so we went with MailChimp.

During the event itself, we had a team of three staff members to operate from different locations with separate internet connections. It was important to plan for the possibility of an Internet access point failure. Our communications officer was responsible for all push notifications during the event, to make sure everyone that was attending knew how to ask questions and where to find the resources for the event on the Pynx web site.

We had our IT specialist and project manager working simultaneously on the event itself. Our IT expert was our back up specialist, in case any of the panelists had any problems with their power points or other items. Although it’s important to have our technicians keeping an eye on things, this event ran smooth and our IT department had an easy day and the event ran seamlessly.

Our project manager was responsible for keeping an eye on the spotlight feature to ensure the people speaking were being clearly viewed by the audience at all times. This is a moving target and can be difficult at times but all went well during the six hours of the two day event. We recorded this event at two locations simultaneously in case of failure, the recording can be found on our website.


Prior to, during and after the event, our communications officer was in tune and in touch with the registrants to offer support during all times. This included pre event information, push notifications during the event and sending out a survey after the event had concluded.


Pynx Multimedia has an in-house web design expert who was on point during this event. There was dozens of changes leading up to the event, including panelist changes and new documentation coming in almost daily. Our team was able to include all relevant materials in a timely fashion to ensure seamless delivery to the end users. The completed webpage contains a great deal of resources available to the participants. 


The client insisted on using Zoom as many of their members across Canada were already familiar with the platform. Pynx has used the Zoom Webinar platform on dozens of events which made this event run smooth and on time. We utilized the Zoom Webinar platform for 1000 people. The webinar platform was a perfect fit, as we had a total of 24 panelists during the event.

Canadian International Council Virtual Roundtable - Pynx Pro Virtual Events
Canadian International Council Virtual Roundtable - Pynx Pro Virtual Events
Canadian International Council Virtual Roundtable - Pynx Pro Virtual Events