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Pynx Productions Relocates

Pynx Productions Relocates to the County of Brant and Expands Its Business

Since 1988, Pynx Productions has been part of over 15,000 live events across Ontario and has become a leader in the entertainment industry. In 2019, Pynx Productions relocated to the County of Brant. Since that decision, the business has expanded to become a full-service audio-visual event production company and equipment rental provider. The year the business relocated to the County of Brant, Pynx Productions produced nearly 400 events and tours across Ontario and when the pandemic hit in early 2020 Pynx had already confirmed over 200 events booked. In 2020 Pynx Productions decided to rebrand the business to show that their offerings include more than the “video dance party”. This branding change was full scale, including the name and logo for the business.

Pynx Productions represents one of the many businesses within the growing Creative and Cultural Industries sector. This sector is one of the broadest sectors of our economy and holds enormous potential for innovation in growth.