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Corporate Audio Visual Highlights from Pynx Pro

By Jamie Carnegie

Brantford Audio Visual Rentals and Service Company Pynx Productions has been delivering top-notch AV Services since 1988 and has become the trusted local Brantford resource for audio visual production services, AV equipment rentals, hybrid meetings, corporate events, town hall meetings, conferences, press releases, and much more! As a result, we’re lucky to have a part in helping to create memorable events and experiences for everyone from local businesses to big-name brands – and we have an absolute blast while we do it. 

With the end of 2022 creeping up on us quickly and 2023 looming in the not-too-distant future, we wanted to take this opportunity to share and highlight some of the local Brantford AV services we proudly offer, and showcase a recent collection of amazing business events, releases, conferences, and causes we helped produce with corporate AV services. Sit tight and enjoy the ride!

Hybrid Meetings & Events (also known as virtual events!):

Since we’re a full-service Brantford AV company, specializing in hybrid events and corporate audio visual events, we’re thrilled to work with many clients on the regular for recurring events. We all love that this is a cost-effective alternative for small businesses, and it gives us a thorough understanding of the client’s brand style, which allows us to use our cutting-edge tech to deliver seamless AV support with a consistent high level of quality and style. Just perfect for polished marketing and events!  


While we expertly produce AV events ranging from small intimate seminars and meetings, right up to large-scale product launches and annual conference events, we’re particularly enthusiastic about hybrid and virtual events…because it makes our nerdy little hearts happy to see, hear, feel, and watch your flawless events happen under our hard-working hands and fingertips.  


Check out a few of these captures from our recent hybrid event experiences with the Brantford Regional Real Estate Association AGM Hybrid Event, this Press Conference for Amazon, and this hybrid event for the Chamber of Commerce Brantford Brant Mayor’s Luncheon. Although each of these events required a different level of complexity – with our experience, creative approach and ability to anticipate needs, we ensured seamless execution delivering emotional, relevant, and unforgettable experiences. We also had a great time and the snacks were delightful.  

BREEA HYBRID AGM - Pynx Pro - Annual General Meetings
Chamber of Commerce Brantford Brant - Annual Mayors Luncheon - Town Hall Meetings

Corporate Meetings & Events:

Many of our recent local Brantford partnerships and connections were looking for an audio visual services company that they could rely on for brand and quality consistency, excellent professionalism, quick, and precise work, ideally all backed by great customer service. Pynx Productions was very happy to fill this need for 5-star-services by recently delivering these engaging, expert corporate audio visual experiences for conferences, town halls, and press releases. 

1. Conference Audio Visual:

Thanks to our masterful Pynx Pro technicians, we’re able to seamlessly organize, plan, and produce all moving parts of your conference or press event’s AV needs, just like we did for this dynamic TD Bank Press Conference featuring Brantford’s very own #1 – Wayne Gretzky, this Press Conference with Natural Resources Canada, and the Amazon Canada Press Conference! Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, releasing a product, or spreading some important messages – we can help make your event leave a lasting impression with everyone in your audience, both in-person and virtually. 

2. Town Hall AV:

Town Hall type events present insightful opportunities for learning and sharing information, but can be a challenge to pull off successfully without the right type of AV support in place. Thankfully, we happen to be intensely passionate about quality audio and visuals, so we’re in our element providing event technology for everything from info panels, to product launches, training sessions, seminars, expos, conventions, and everything in between.

Looking to learn a little more than just how to knock some socks off with amazing audio visual services? Check out this recent TEDx with WLU presentation and the AMP Survivors Secretariat Hybrid Town Hall Meeting where our expert corporate audio-visual team helped with the production and presentation, ultimately ensuring that these events turned out exactly as they’d been planned, with the intended impact.

3. Press Releases:

We love a good press conference and media release. While the businesses, brands, and organizations we work with bring the messaging, our team provides the full line of corporate audio visual and media services to make the event or meeting presentation a success. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with IKEA for their Grand Opening in Kitchener (thankfully we had more than Allen keys to put our gear together) and the Eve Lauren Fashion Show, where we had all eyes and ears on our catwalk-worthy audio visual setup and services. 

Well, folks, there you have it – that’s what we’ve been up to lately with the latest and greatest of Pynx Productions phenomenal corporate AV projects and partnerships. To learn more about how we can help you build an engaging audio visual, live, recorded, streamed, in-person, or virtual event – reach out and schedule a consultation today. See you next time for more great updates from the experts at Pynx Pro!

Jamie Carnegie writing for Pynx Pro

Jamie-Carnegie-writing-for-Pynx Pro

Aside from writing for Pynx Productions, Jamie Carnegie owns a thriving content creation and consulting business, where she helps other independents, brands, and businesses grow through digital marketing, content creation, SEO, and creative strategy. You’ll often find her being inspired by current events, plants, creativity, music, sunshine, coffee, and ridiculously cute kittens. Keep up with her on our blog for fresh perspectives, unique wedding planning ideas, event inspiration, planning tips, resources and more!