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Festivals Production

Music Festival Production Services and Products

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• PA Systems
• Festival Lighting
• Sound Mixers & Engineers
• Speakers, Microphones, Monitors
• Set Design 
• Power Distribution 
• Stage Management 

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Premium Festival Production AV Services

Pynx Pro is a leading provider of audio visual equipment rentals and services for music festivals. We have a wide range of equipment that can help enhance the live event experience for both attendees and performers. Some examples of music festival sound equipment that we use include:

  1. PA systems: A PA (public address) system is a crucial element of any music festival. It helps amplify the sound of the performers and ensures that the music can be heard clearly by everyone in the audience.

  2. Sound mixers: Sound mixers allow the audio engineer to control the levels of different instruments and vocals, ensuring that the sound is balanced and clear.

  3. Speakers: High-quality speakers are essential for delivering crisp, clear sound to the audience. Pynx Pro uses top-of-the-line speakers that can handle the high volume and energy of a music festival.

  4. Microphones: In order to capture the best sound possible, Pynx Pro uses a variety of microphones, including wired and wireless options, to suit the needs of different performers.

  5. Monitors: Onstage monitors allow performers to hear themselves clearly, ensuring that they can deliver their best performance. Pynx Pro has a range of monitors to choose from, including in-ear monitors and wedge monitors.

Concert Lighting Company - Pynx Pro - Stage Lighting Design
Stage Lighting - Concert Lighting - Pynx Pro Event Production

More Reasons to hire Pynx Pro as an AV Provider for a Music Festival

• Pynx Pro has a team of experienced and knowledgeable audio visual technicians who are well-equipped to handle the technical needs of a music festival.

• We have a wide range of high-quality AV equipment available for rental, including sound systems, lighting, and video production.

• Our team is able to work efficiently and effectively to ensure that all AV elements of the festival run smoothly.

• We offer competitive pricing for our AV services.

• Pynx Pro is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and will work closely with event planners to understand their specific needs and goals for the festival. We have a reputation for providing excellent ongoing customer service and working closely with clients to ensure that their events are tailored to their specific needs and preferences

Pynx Pro Concert Production - Concert Lighting Ontario - Nikola Tesla Day

Pynx Pro is a highly experienced and reliable audio visual provider, with a team of skilled technicians who are experts in the field. This means that clients can trust that their event will run smoothly, with top-quality equipment and professional support.

With Pynx Pro on board, clients can have peace of mind knowing that their musical festival will be a success.

Pynx has the experience, expertise and gear to support your festival production or celebration.

We can also provide power distribution for all your indoor and outdoor needs. Pynx has the gear to support your event with RCF line array speaker systems, digital mixing consoles for large bands and experienced sound engineers to make it all sound great.

Festival design is where the divisions of Pynx all come together in a one-stop company for your festival production. Lighting, backdrops, audio, video projection, staging, power – it’s all here – under one roof.

We deliver the right-sized festival production solutions for any type of festival or event. We arrange & execute branded experiences that will keep your guests buzzing. Music festivals, beer festivals, sporting events, and more – we’ve got you covered. We flawlessly design & oversee infrastructure such as staging, lighting & sound.