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Tourism Brantford "Trail Mix" Demonstration Video




The City of Brantford approached Pynx Pro about creating a demonstration video to help promote the launch of “Trail Mix” – a program promoting local music along Brantford’s trail system. The program was inspired by a similar project launched in nearby Waterloo. 

Signs were posted every kilometer along the hiking trails in Brantford featuring a unique QR code to be scanned using a smartphone to gain access to free curated playlists of music available on the Bandcamp platform.

The playlists feature an assortment of different genres including rock, country, and hip hop. All of the music is written and performed by 21 local artists. Learn more about the project on the Discovery Brantford website



City of Brantford - Trail Mix - Pynx Pro Video Production - 4
City of Brantford - Trail Mix - Pynx Pro Video Production - 1

After some planning and co-ordination with the City of Brantford, our video production team spent a day filming with three of the featured artists. Our team was supplied with some scripted information and given the go-ahead to construct the footage in a creative way. We worked with the featured artists over the course of the day compiling footage for the short video.

Kristen Bezemer from Innersha, Tyler Wilson, and Justin Benin aka Kidd Dreadd, worked with our team along the hiking trails in Brantford getting footage for the demonstration video. 

Pynx filmed the project with our new Canon XA55 cameras for a high definition look and feel.  We were also able to include 4K quality drone footage of the hiking trails, and aerial views of Brantford.


After compiling the footage we needed, our editing team went to work. Post production of the video consisted of taking the best footage and creating a well balanced pace to keep viewers interested. Our team went through hours of footage to create a final video at just under two minutes. We added backround music, title graphics, transitions, animation, and logos to the footage using the Final Cut Pro editing suite. Our sound mixing guru, Starsky Partridge, optimized the audio and dialogue using the Logic Pro digital audio workstation software.

One of the biggest challenges our editing team faced was adding crisp brightness to the video footage. On the scheduled day of shooting, we were met with some overcast skies and clouds obstructing the sun. Careful colour correction and some subtle filters were added to the video content to add some warmth to the footage.

Pynx then collaborated with Tourism Brantford on some things they wanted to add, such as including sponsorship logos, and we implemented their input. After the project was finalized, Tourism Brantford posted the video to YouTube, social media, and their website. We received some great feedback from the community and the artists’ involved with the project.


Kristen Bezemer: Innersha is a pop rock artist from Brantford, Ontario. She released her first EP, entitled ­ Know Where Your Heart Is, in August 2017. Kristen has worked with four time Juno Award Producer ­ Darren Magierowski, of Jukasa Media Group. Be sure to check out out Innersha’s newest single “Beautiful Day”.

Tyler Wilson is a Brantford guitarist, singer and songwriter. His solo music is a mix of rock, funk, R&B, and Roots music and is a notable presence in the Brantford music scene. Keep up with Tyler on his Facebook page.

Justin Benin aka Kidd Dreadd is a Brantford-based Canadian hip hop artist and producer. Kidd Dreadd works with his family’s emerging music company Mawlife Media. You check out his music on the Kidd Dreadd Soundclound page.

Pynx was thrilled to work with these local artists. They are as talented in front of the camera as they are on stage.

Tourism Brantford - Trail Mix Video Production

Pynx Pro specializes in explainer videos and demonstration videos and looks forward to future projects with the city, community groups, and local businesses.