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Timothy Schmalz Documentary

Video Production



In 2021, we were engaged by Timothy Schmalz, to create a series of videos to showcase his work. Schmalz is a Canadian sculptor based out of St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada. He focuses on religious figures and also has many public pieces. Schmalz is best known for his ‘Homeless Jesus’ that he created in reaction to the many homeless living on the streets

Schmalz has also created many other pieces. On October 23, 2015 a 4-metre (13 ft) tall statue commemorating Gordon Lightfoot was unveiled in Orillia. The statue, ‘Golden Leaves’, features young Lightfoot playing guitar surrounded by a ring of maple leaves. The leaves each contain an image inspired by one song.

Our first project with Timothy was a live stream broadcast for the University of St Thomas Aquinas in Minnesota. We virtually hosted Tim in a live setting and took a studio tour, followed by a live question and answer period from the University.

After the live stream had concluded, Tim had recognized Pynx as a creative outfit that he wanted to work with. Shortly after, Tim picked up the phone and asked Pynx to help him with a 14 piece documentary video production, which we are currently working on. Tim is working on the 14 stations of the cross over the course of a few months time. Pynx has been engaged to follow along with Tims progress and provide video production services along the way to document the entire project.

For the “First Station of the Cross – Station One” video, we filmed an introduction piece which included some B roll of Tim pulling up to his studio in Elmira, Ontario in his truck, going up the stairs to his studio, turning the lights on and unveiling his first piece. There is a short interview in the first video production piece that introduces Tim and his project and talks about the 14 stations as well as the first piece in detail. In addition to the stations of the cross project, Tim has also recently brought Pynx to his personal home studio to film some of his other projects.

View the videos below. 


Stations of the Cross: Station 1

Studio 2021

Mary, Untier of Knots

René Girard

Station IV

Laudato Si’

Studio September 2022


For these projects, we wanted a cohesive look across the entire project. We have decided on using the 4K Canon XA55 video cameras across all of the 14 videos, and beyond, for Tim’s works. We are also utilizing the Manfrotto MVH502AH Fluid Head with MT055XPRO3 Tripod Stands for these projects.


Tim is an active artist and has multiple studio locations across Ontario and the world. Tim has brought us to several of his studios to film some of his projects. He has plans to bring us to international locations as this project unfolds. 


Since there are a few different studio locations, we are using many different type of modifiers. The main lighting package we are utilizing is the Aputure Light Storm LC 120d LED 3 Light Kit, which has incredible output to showcase the tiny details in these clay sculptures


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