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Throat Threads

25th Anniversary



Pynx was contacted by one of Canada’s leading clothing companies, Throat Threads Apparel, to produce a concert stage for their 25th anniversary event. We had the opportunity to provide professional audio, lighting and an LED video wall for this event. The event showcased some amazing Canadian music artists like Tim Hicks, Finger Eleven and Teenage Head.

The concert stage that was built was also used for the ceremonies that took place in recognition of the hard work of the staff and management at Throat Threads Apparel. The LED video wall showcased videos with overwhelming love and support from friends and colleagues of Throat Threads Apparel. The video and professional audio that was supplied were an emotional part of an amazing celebration and we couldn’t have been happier with the way the entire event turned out!  


Private concerts can present unique challenges for event production companies like Pynx Pro, as the requirements for each event can vary greatly. We have to take into consideration the venue, the audience, the type of music being performed, and the clients’ specific needs and preferences.

On the other hand, producing private concerts also offers many benefits. It was  a learning experience for the company as it allowed us to showcase our expertise and creativity in customizing services to fit the needs the client.

Producing private concerts also helps Pynx Pro establish relationships with clients, as well as provide opportunities for the company to improve our equipment and technology. Overall, while producing private concerts may present challenges, they can also be a valuable growth opportunity for Pynx Pro.

Finger Eleven from Throat Threads event - Pynx Pro


For our professional audio set up we used a Yorkville Paraline PA system powered by a Midas M32 digital console with an EV monitoring system.


A modest lighting system was utilized on stage with Lumi HPars, Martin Moving Heads and Chauvet Colourail LED Bars. We also used a handful of the Lumi Hpars as uplighting on trees around the perimeter of the venue, they are true wireless battery powered fixtures that make architectural lighting easy! 

Video Wall

An LED video wall was built on the rear of the concert stage to help showcase the gratitude and love from other companies all over the world during the celebration. 



Private concerts like the one produced by Pynx Pro for Throat Threads Apparel’s 25th anniversary event served as a unique learning experience for the company.

With each event, Pynx Pro has had the opportunity to apply their expertise and improve upon their processes, techniques and equipment.

This event, in particular, provided an opportunity for Pynx Pro to showcase their ability to provide professional audio, lighting, and an LED video wall for an event with high stakes and a high level of audience engagement. The event’s success was a testament to Pynx Pro’s ability to work under pressure and create a seamless and impactful experience for the audience.

By constantly striving for excellence, Pynx Pro is able to maintain their position as a leading provider of audio-visual equipment and services for events in Canada.

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