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The Rotary Club of Brantford holds an Annual Perch Fry Dinner as a fundraising event for children in need. The event usually consists of a sit down dinner, live music, and a large group of supporters and volunteers. Due to the circumstances of 2020’s Covid Pandemic, the event seemed like an impossibility. However, the creative minds from the Rotary Club came up with a solution: This year’s Perch Fry consisted of a safe drive-through for ticket holders to get their Perch dinner and a live YouTube stream of musical act ‘Last Band Standing’ to watch from their homes. Pynx Pro was honoured to supply the equipment and technical skills to make the Live Stream / Virtual Event possible. 

Equipped with four dynamic HD video cameras, Pynx Pro was able to broadcast the musical act, Rotary Club announcements, and Prize draws – all with crisp sound, fast-changing graphics, and an assortment of camera angles in real time for an engaging experience for all of our viewers. 

For the Virtual Event to be a success, Pynx team members had to work closely with event organizers to ensure the proper network connections were available and that it met the requirements for full video streaming. We also had to work closely with the musicians to ensure their sound was as clear on YouTube as it was in person. 

With the co-operation of the band and our years of experience working with live audio, we were able to produce a clear and crisp audio track for the viewers while simultaneously recording the entire performance in HD video. 

One of our biggest obstacles for this outdoor set up, aside from some brief rain, was setting up our broadcast equipment in a confined space that we were sharing with a four piece band. We were able to come up with some creative solutions for ideal camera angles and were able to maximize the space provided to capture the full band and all the guest speakers. 

Watch the Rotary Club Brantford recording of our live stream on YouTube

Still photography provided by Pynx Pro and Matt Joniec from Fat Panda Studios


When we talk about live stream broadcasting, there are several platforms that groups can choose from. For this particular event, the Brantford Rotary Club decided on Youtube as their preferred platform to live stream this event. The reason the Rotary group chose Youtube is because you can live stream in full 1080p and also embed the video into your website with ease. Youtube is a great platform for live stream broadcasting because of it’s ease of use, the ability to broadcast in full 1080p and it’s following.


The outdoor space provided for this particular virtual event was an outdoor 20’x20’ that we had to share with a 4 piece band. Based on the available space, we decided on a camera array which consisted of 4 compact Panasonic TM900 HD cameras on stands with a Roland VR 4HD video switcher and dual monitor system. This particular video system was selected so that we could maximize the available space for the band while still providing a full 1080p experience for this virtual event.


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