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Ronald McDonald House

At Home Gala 2020



Ronald McDonald House Charities is a nonprofit organization whose stated mission is to create, find, and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children. The ‘2020 At Home Gala’ was an online broadcast fundraising gala developed by the South Central Ontario division of the organization.

The virtual gala was hosted by Canadian television personality, Rick Campanelli, and featured pre recorded musical performances and guest speakers which the Pynx Pro team helped film a few weeks prior to the event going live with a little help from our friends at Glassworks Creative.

The pre recording date utilized a multi camera set up which utilized Canon EOS C70 DSLR cameras, a Roland VR 4-HD switcher and a Mac Book Pro with an external raid drive. The pre recording session included several presenters over a couple hours in the morning, all of which required the use of a teleprompter which Pynx supplied to help make all of the presenters feel comfortable.

Once the pre recorded content was edited in Final Cut Pro X by the Pynx Pro team, it was then sent over to the client so they could use it for the event. The pre recorded session was a critical component to keeping this virtual fundraising gala in line with current gathering restrictions as we would not have been able to have all of these people in the same room at the same time.

Pynx Pro was on site a few weeks after the pre record session to live stream Layne the Auctionista for the fundraising portion of the event. To keep in line with the same look as the pre recorded content, we utilized a multiple camera angle set up which helped capture some of the raw emotion in the room.

The camera array itself was comprised of multiple Canon EOS C70 DSLR cameras that fed into a Roland VR-4HD video switcher. The video feed was driven by a Mac Book Pro for streaming to YouTube which was then embedded into the Givergy Plus Gallery from a remote office. Pynx was responsible for sending a live feed from the talented Layne the Auctionista to a platform called Givergy Plus which was operated by a another company remotely in another location.

The Givergy Plus platform was amazing to work with, very easy and made this virtual fundraising gala one to remember!

Ronald McDonald House Gala - Pynx Pro


A few weeks prior to the live virtual fundraiser, Pynx Pro was on site to film pre recorded content that was stitched into the live event. The pre recorded session included a multi camera angle recording with Canon EOS C70 DSLR cameras and was tied into Rolands VR recording software via a Roland VR 4HD switcher, a Mac Book Pro was used to record directly to a raid drive.


Pynx supplied a teleprompter for both the pre recorded session and the live session so that people like Rick Campanelli and Layne the Auctionista had their cues right directly in front of the camera in real time. The teleprompter used helped all of the presenters feel as comfortable as possible they could give it their all and perform to the best of their abilities without missing a cue.


Layne the Auctionista was on site for the live component of this virtual fundraising gala to lead in the fun and excitement in real time. Layne had specific technical requirements that the Pynx Pro team fulfilled to ensure seamless delivery of the live portion of this event. The live component of this event utilized a multi camera array of Canon EOS C70 DSLR cameras with a Roland VR4-HD switcher and a Macbook Pro to drive the content to Youtube for the live stream for this virtual fundraising gala.