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Multiple Stage Event :

Elevating the Inter-Institutional Forum of the Scarborough Charter with Integrated AV Solutions

A Case Study from The Pynx Pro Staff
Forum at Lazaridis Hall Scarborough Charter

In May 2024, the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University joined forces to host the Inter-Institutional Forum of the Scarborough Charter, an important event addressing anti-Black racism and Black inclusion in Canadian higher education.

Pynx Pro was honoured to provide comprehensive audiovisual (AV) support for this impactful conference, held at Lazaridis Hall, Wilfrid Laurier University.

Multiple Stage Event AV

Inter-Institutional Forum of the Scarborough Charter - Pynx Pro Case Study

The forum comprised multiple stages, each serving a unique purpose. Pynx Pro was tasked with providing seamless AV solutions for both the Lazaridis Hall Auditorium and the Lazaridis Atrium, ensuring that all presentations and performances were delivered with clarity and impact.

Lazaridis Hall Conference - Multiple Stage Event - Pynx Pro Case Study
Integrated AV System Pynx Pro Case Study

• RCF Line Array Speakers
• RCF-SUB8006AS Double 18” Active Subwoofers
• RCF-ST15-SMA 15” Active Stage Monitor
• Allen & Heath SQ5 Digital Mixing Console
• ADJ Encore LP12IP Lighting

• Sennheiser HSP Essential OMNI Headset Microphones
• Sennheiser SM2000 Wireless microphones
• Shure BETA 87A Vocal Microphone
• Roland V-160HD Steaming Video Switcher
• HP 24es Dual HD Monitor

Video Highlights from the Event

Our video production team was on hand to capture some key moments from the event to create a highlight reel. 

Integrated AV System

For the main presentations in the Auditorium, Pynx Pro implemented an integrated AV system that combined cutting-edge audio and video technology. Using an Allen & Heath SQ5 Digital Mixing Console and a range of Sennheiser microphones, our skilled technicians expertly mixed sound to enhance the speakers’ messages. Video presentations were flawlessly coordinated with a Roland V-160HD Streaming Video Switcher, while ADJ encore lights illuminated the stage with precision and elegance.

Conference Audio Visual - Pynx Pro
Lazaridis Hall

As the central hub of the conference, Lazaridis Hall provided the perfect backdrop for engaging discussions and insightful presentations. Pynx Pro’s AV solutions elevated the atmosphere, ensuring that every attendee experienced crystal-clear audio and stunning visuals, fostering an environment conducive to learning and collaboration.

Integrated AV system at Lazaridis Hall Pynx Pro Case Study
Entertainment Stage in the Lazaridis Atrium
Entertainment Stage in the Lazaridis Atrium - Pynx Pro Case Study

In addition to the main presentations, the Lazaridis Atrium served as a vibrant space for entertainment and cultural performances. 

The massive Atrium space provided a challenge for our sound technicians, due to the high ceilings and concrete structure. Our AV technicians seamlessly managed audiovisual elements, ensuring that each musical performance resonated with energy and enthusiasm.

Pynx Pro transformed this area into a dynamic stage, complete with RCF line array speakers, subwoofers, and a custom set design.

Our team made sure the sound system was strategically positioned and configured to avoid any interference with concurrent presentations happening throughout the building.

Lazaridis Atrium Multiple Stage Event Pynx Pro Case Study

The Lazaridis Atrium is stunning, with its amazing architecture setting the stage for a range of events. It’s got plenty of room and can be set up in different ways, making it perfect for everything from performances to gatherings. Attendees are sure to have a great time in this versatile and memorable space!

Inter-Institutional Forum of the Scarborough Charter

The Inter-Institutional Forum of the Scarborough Charter brought together a diverse range of speakers and topics, spanning Black experiences in higher education to actionable strategies for addressing systemic racism. Pynx Pro’s role in providing top-notch AV support contributed to the success of this vital forum, amplifying the voices of change-makers and fostering meaningful dialogue.

The event was a testament to the power of collaboration and dialogue in addressing complex societal issues.


Pynx Pro’s dedication to delivering exceptional AV solutions played a pivotal role in facilitating meaningful discussions and fostering connections across institutions. 

Pynx Audio Visual Solutions for Multiple Stages - Pynx Pro Case Study

As a trusted partner in event production, Pynx Pro continues to empower organizations with innovative AV technology, ensuring that their messages are heard loud and clear on every stage.