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David Wilcox




Pynx had the opportunity to provide audio visual equipment for the second year in a row at the 2019 Ohsweken Fall Fair.¬†‚Äď working with artists from a variety of genres, including the main¬†head lining act, David Wilcox.

David Wilcox is a Canadian singer-songwriter known for his intricate fingerpicking style and storytelling lyrics. He has been a staple in the folk and acoustic music scene for over four decades, releasing over 20 albums and performing at countless live shows. Wilcox has been praised for his unique ability to connect with audiences through his music and his warm, engaging stage presence. His songs are deeply personal, drawing from life experiences and relationships, and often deliver a powerful message of hope and inspiration. Pynx was thrilled to work with such a legendary figure in Canadian music. 



The event in Ohsweken had three days full of performances using our in house audio visual equipment. This was a turn-key solution where we provided a stage line SL100 for stage along with a large inverted generator with distribution for power. Sound reinforcement was the QSC KLA12 line array system, with an EV ELX112P monitoring system. The Midas M32 digital mixing console was used at Front of House, and a Behringer X32 Digital mixing console on monitors.  

Our lighting was powered by Martin, Elation and Chauvet.  The artists loved what we provided and the attendees had an amazing time.

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Pynx Pro has a proven track record of delivering exceptional lighting for a variety of concert styles, from large-scale music festivals to intimate acoustic performances. 


Producing outdoor stages for events and concerts can be a complex and challenging process. There are a number of factors to consider, including weather conditions, sound quality, and equipment reliability. Outdoor stages must be designed and constructed in such a way that they can withstand the elements and provide a safe environment for performers and audiences.

One of the biggest challenges of producing outdoor stages is ensuring that the sound quality remains consistent throughout the event. This requires the use of high-quality sound equipment and proper setup and placement of the speakers and mixers. Weather conditions can also have a major impact on the sound quality, with rain, wind, and other factors affecting the sound transmission and clarity.

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Mike D’Eri and Pynx Productions did a great job providing staging, sound and lights for the David Wilcox concert in Sept 2019, Oshweken, ON. Mike was incredibly detailed and thorough with meeting our tech rider needs. He and his team were friendly, professional and on the ball all day. Great crew! Thanks fellas. Debbie Hutchins. TM for David Wilcox.

Debbie Hutchins
Tour Manager for David Wilcox

Profesional Stage

Pynx was happy to work with the client to provide a stage solution, we chose the Stage Line SL100 for this particular event because the size of the stage was perfect for the audience size. 

Backline Instruments 

The client asked Pynx to provide a list of backline instruments for the bands throughout the weekend to help speed things up with set up times between acts, we included a drum kit, a guitar amp and a bass amp to help make this a true turn-key solution.

Aerial Rigging

The David Wilcox rider had specific requirements including a flown PA and light show, we were happy to send along an aerial rigging specialist to accomidtae these requests and the stage turned out great as a result! 


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