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Audrey MacKinnon 'Canadians Cook Together'

Video Production

A Pynx Pro Case Study


The City of Brantford has one of the largest in-person Canada Day celebrations in the province of Ontario every year. However, during the pandemic this event had to be moved into the virtual space to keep the public safe.

When the City of Brantford’s events committee came together to start discussing how to best bring this event to the virtual space, they realized they needed some help with some filming projects. When Pynx received the call to assist with the filming and production of the ‘Canadians Cook Together’ Canada Day Special, we were very grateful and happy to be included in the celebration. The video featured Junior Chef Showdown Season One winner, Audrey MacKinnon.

The idea for this video production was to put together a 15 minute cooking demonstration with Audrey, where she would explain what she is doing along the way. The idea was to provide instructions for young people while watching the video and follow along.

This project required some additional videography help due to the nature of its size. When we work on projects like this and need some help, we know we can always rely on our friends at Glassworks Creative for technical support and to help us with experienced camera operators. This team is incredible to work with!

This video production took place inside of ‘Our Kitchen Brantford‘, which is a local commercial kitchen. The team here was amazing, friendly and over the top accommodating for this video shoot. The setting was perfect – It was exactly what was needed for a project like this. The filming for this project took place over a full day, and the editing took about 40 hours at the Pynx Multimedia video production studio. The editing software used in the Pynx Multimedia studio was Final Cut Pro X.

We have always enjoyed working with our friends at the City of Brantford and look forward to the next amazing video production project with them in the near future!


The City of Brantford had a requirement to ensure that this video was made accessible to everyone who wish to view it. Pynx Multimedia was able to create two versions of this video on behalf of the City – One with closed captions embedded into the final project, and one without.


The particular video production included a four camera array shoot. The reason we went with four video cameras is so we could catch every single bit of the action. Cooking demos happen quick in a studio setting, so there’s not a lot of time and there is zero room for error. Once the food is cooked – that’s it.  There’s no going back, so we keep all four cameras rolling pretty much all day!


This video was shot on Canon C70 cameras. Some cameras were on fluid head stands, while others were on stabilizers. We also utilized an Aputure Light Storm 120D COB LED kit to light the venue. This really helped us create the kooks we were aiming to achieve inside of the building during the cooking demo.
Audrey MacKinnon - Pynx Pro Video Production